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When Goal Setting Isn’t Enough: The Power of Intention4 min read

The Power of Intention

Whether it is in your personal or your professional life, goal setting is vital to living a life of purpose. It can even improve your focus! Setting a good goal means finding where your long-term vision meets short-term motivation. However, just setting a goal isn’t enough to realize your dreams. Of course we should think about what we would like to work towards in the future, but we need to make an action plan to turn those goals into reality.

Achieving goals is not a matter of luck. It happens to those who persevere and hustle for it, who use every high and low as a learning experience to fuel further ambition, and who are always calculating ways to get closer to achieving their dream.

Want to start achieving your goals? Start small by setting intentions.

When it comes to setting intentions, it can be difficult to understand what makes it different from a goal. An intention is about who you are, rather than who you want to be. While a goal is about the desired outcome, setting intentions means identifying your values and using that energy as motivation to achieve your purpose. Think of it as a bridge that you build from your values to your goals. If you aren’t already doing this, it’s time to use intentions as a way to take the small steps needed to improve your life (and your goals) in a big way.

Keep reading to learn how to harness the power of intention setting to achieve your goals
Try writing down your intentions in a morning and evening journal

Try writing down your intentions in a morning and evening journal

Pick a timeline

Think about how often you would like to set your intentions — daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. How often you decide to do it does not matter, but whatever you pick, try to be consistent with it! I personally enjoy writing in my daily intention journal at the beginning and end of my day. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a day, establishing a regular habit is not about perfection.

Tune in to yourself

Consider the present and ask yourself, how do you feel? What is on your mind? Is there anything you are ignoring that you should be paying attention to? Think about you can frame those thoughts into intentions. For example, a personal goal of mine is to follow through on positive connections that I have with people I meet. Therefore, an intention I have written is: I will build relationships with those whom I emotionally, spiritually, and mentally connect with. Your intention can be anything. The most important thing is that it is relevant to you and your life.

Write it down

The intentions you decide to write down should be in the first person and present tense. It helps you to think about what you have in your life, not what you lack. It is a good rule of thumb to avoid using the negative tense. Always think about what you can do, and try to include at least one gratitude intention. Whatever it is that you write down, make it believable. You don’t truly believe it for yourself, you will not do it.

Be repetitive

Just because you wrote down an intention once doesn’t mean you are all set. Be open to being repetitive! In my intention journal, there are some intentions that I have on repeat. This is a good practice as it shows that particular intention is important to you and your life. So why not repeat it as a reminder? Let it help keep you mindful of how you are aligning your values with your purpose and larger goals.

Don’t forget it

Don’t set it and forget it. Check in with your intentions to see how you are doing. Reflect on your triumphs and pitfalls. I enjoy writing in my The 3 Minute Morning and Evening Journal because it gives me the opportunity to reflect on how I was able to be in tune with my intentions I set for that day. Use it as a way to track your progress and check whether you are living the same intentions that you are writing down.

Make it your own

However often you decide to write in your intention journal and whatever you decide to fill it with, always remember to make it your own. If you enjoy adding a little personal artistic touch to yours, try a bullet journal. If you feel you need a bit more guidance in the beginning, I suggest The 3 Minute Morning and Evening Journal to get you started. Whatever it is, own it! What you write inside are things you want to live and do!

Intention setting can be such a beneficial practice, as it compels you to think about what is (or is not) serving you in your life. It is the most empowered decision you could make to show up for yourself — not just today but everyday. Take the time in this powerful practice to consider how you live and show up in the world.

Have you have an intention journal? Let me know what you think in the comments! If you like setting intentions, try mindfulness meditation (it will change your life)!


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